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Senior Goodbyes [27 May 2017|10:04am]
Seniors, leave your last words about MIFA, forensics in general, or anyone you want to shit-talk before leaving your high school days behind.
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Mason County Central Fan Page [22 May 2017|02:09pm]
Mason County Central Spartans? More like Mason County Central Stole-My-Heart-ans
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MSCI Mackinac Tournament 2017 [21 May 2017|12:23pm]
nothing more wild than mackinac
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We love Aaron Hathaway [16 May 2017|11:31am]
We all know who the true bae is.
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Mackinac Hype [15 May 2017|09:04pm]
A place to let out all of your feelings and excitement for the year's greatest tournament.
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2017 Season Best Memories [12 May 2017|08:48am]
It's been a fun season, so leave your favorite moments in this thread! Let's all reminisce about a good year, and look forward to the next one.
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Preston Gigante Fan Club [09 May 2017|02:57pm]
Why has nobody made this page yet? Plot twist: I'm not from MCC, and I'm not Preston Gigante.
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Class BCD State 2017 Hotties [01 May 2017|08:00am]
We saw this coming.
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Class A States 2017 Hotties [30 Apr 2017|09:38pm]
bc someone asked for it
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Broadcasting Tip Sheet [30 Apr 2017|07:04pm]
I mentioned this in the BCD States thread, and people seemed to think it was a good idea.

I've compiled a list of tips and unspoken rules for first-time broadcasters. At the state tournament, I saw a lot of people who could have gotten farther if they had known some of these things, and the people who do well are often broadcasters who have coaches who are experienced in broadcasting. Broadcasting is sometimes a forgotten category, but it's served me well for four years, and I would love to pass on my limited knowledge to others.

The document is here. Comments are enabled so that other experienced broadcasters can add in their tips or tell me if I got anything wrong, since my knowledge is, in part, subjective and does not encapsulate all of broadcasting.

Thanks, limited prep, for a good four years.
-Phoenix Bieneman
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Class BCD States 2017 [28 Apr 2017|12:04pm]
this is probably a bad idea but if class a gets one we should have one too
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Class A States 2017 [28 Apr 2017|09:50am]
be nice even though it is states
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2017 Class A States Predictions [26 Apr 2017|09:41pm]
States is just two days away — that's pretty crazy. To me, it's even crazier that three years removed from graduating high school, I'm still cranking these out, and I'm afraid to announce that this year will likely be my last. After states this year, I'll likely write a longer reflection on lessons learned from trying to predict forensics placements to pass down some knowledge, that way any insights I've discovered can be leveraged by coaches or prediction-makers in years to come. I'll also reveal some of my methods, biases and personal identity (it's no fun if LiveJournal is always anonymous), so you can examine my body of guesswork more critically and I can be held accountable for what I've written on this forum.

In any case, I've had a lot of fun combing through placements and making data-driven guesses. With midterms coming up, I'm a bit behind schedule, so I'm releasing public address predictions tonight, and interp will be posted as I get around to the individual categories over the next two days as separate subtopics. Please discuss these category-by-category in the appropriate subthread to keep this as organized as possible (I know it's all going to chaos, but a boy can dream). Lastly, best of luck to everyone, from MIFA's hard-working judges and dedicated organizers to this year's competitors—coming from the perspective of an alumnus, please enjoy forensics with everything you've got, as it'll be over before you know it.
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Region 9 BCD [15 Apr 2017|08:06pm]
In case anyone wants it...
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OLIE [08 Apr 2017|07:33pm]
While I'm at it, I'm going to make a forum for the first ever OLIE tournament.
Have at it.
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State Predictions/Hype [07 Apr 2017|03:43pm]
With the end of the season drawing near, State is upon us! Hard to believe the season's almost over... hyyyypppe.

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Regionals 8A+B [26 Mar 2017|05:30pm]
Be nice guys
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Regionals 7A [25 Mar 2017|05:58pm]
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NSDA National Qualifier Information [20 Mar 2017|07:09pm]
Because the more of us there are at it, the more people our state gets to send. Let's show em' what MIFA's got!
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'Best of the West' Portage Central 2017 [18 Mar 2017|08:06pm]
be chatty not catty
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