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Maple Invitational 2016 [07 Feb 2016|10:51am]
everyone's asking for it in the hotties thread so here y'all go (this is my first time making a thread am i doing it right)
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Hotties 2016 [24 Jan 2016|09:15am]
Have at it but be nice
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Ninjatational 2016 [24 Jan 2016|09:13am]
Y'all slacked on making this last night so here it is
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Let's get it rollin'. [22 Nov 2015|01:04pm]
Alright, everyone. It's that time of year again. Teams are starting to form, and people are finding there pieces/categories. What are your plans? Categories you're into? Major news? Pieces? Go.
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Senior Regards - Farewells - Future Endeavors [25 May 2015|05:14pm]
Looks like the school year is closing and so is forensics. Feel free to post any last regards, farewells, wishes, a huge long senior autobiography of your entire forensics career, or simply a thanks to everyone who has helped you! Here's the thread!
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Mackinac Hotties List [17 May 2015|09:11pm]
Let's keep things G rated
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Mackinac Excitement! [05 May 2015|08:18pm]
Get excited! Michigan Forensics takes over Mackinac island in just over a week! What are you looking forward to? Are you excited about the new categories?
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Forensics Pick-Up Lines [03 May 2015|11:17am]
Someone requested them. And they were really funny last time.
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States hotties list ( A & BCD) [02 May 2015|11:21pm]
Don't be weird
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2015 Region A States at Oakland University [02 May 2015|11:18pm]
Be nice. This same thread a year ago was taken down because of rude comments.
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2015 BCD states at Oakland University [02 May 2015|08:36pm]
Have at it.
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2015 Class A States Predictions [30 Apr 2015|12:33pm]
Sorry to make a new thread y'all, but LiveJournal wouldn't let me make my post because it thought it was spam -.- (which I suppose is roughly half correct). I'll organize this by category, so hopefully that'll make the discussion neater. Good luck at States everyone, I know you'll kill it!!!

Some notes. First of all, read http://mifa-4n6.livejournal.com/216416.html?thread=7166560#t7166560 for some words on my methodology. An important factor that I’ve taken into account this year is category partner “protection,” which is somewhat analogous to having protection in a lineup in baseball. Basically, because competitors from the same school never compete against one another until Finals, they have a chance to knock down the teammate’s competition. So, for example, Casey Sherwood in Sales isn’t a for-sure pick for finals, but because she has a likely top-three finisher competing against everyone except her, Stern will probably steal scores from Sherwood’s competition, in that sense boosting her relative scores (this is not a knock on you guys, you'll do great regardless, just an example of the trend!). I’ll get sweeps up in a little, but know that those numbers are also going to change slightly because the data I used for last year’s averages by placement (2012's results) were calculating a different formula (specifically the weighting for sweeps in finals and semis was lowered for 2013/2014 compared to 2012, although maybe Zoz has some insight on that). Right now, by crude finalist count (total entrants in parentheses):

BHHS: 20 (26 with at-larges)
Porno: 16 (26 with at-larges)
GRC: 13 (27- thank the regionals system for this one)
Central: 8 (25+at-larges?)
Groves: 5 (23, kinda surprised they qualified so many given that they did two tournaments this year)
WLW: 7 (not competing for top 3)
Holland: 4 (not competing for top 3)
Loy Norrix: 3 (not competing for top 3)

Broadcasting: Erica Schuman, Juliana Kammerzell, Nick Guisinger, Marta Berglund, Shaina Wolf, Kendall Coden
Impromptu: Jesse Love, Will Berglund, Jon George, Rachel Ockner, Rachel Torres, Tess Garcia
Extemp: Matt Greydanus, Tak Alguire, Erin Dwyer, Jeremy Taigman, Jessica Borin, America Edwards
Info: Maitreyi Anantharaman, Courtney Penning, Julia Eisenshtadt, Lauren LaLonde, Simran Singh, Emily Crow
Oratory: Michael Russo, Jack Lancaster, Philip Rienstra, Leah Warren, Adam Karadsheh, Lilah Kalfus
Sales: Kaitlyn Eisenshtadt, Carly Stern, Michael Tarn, Jonathan Chaffer, Jenna Weberman, Casey Sherwood
Extemp 9/10: Seth Billiau, Matthew Winkle, Olivia Reeves, Gerrit Rummel, Drew McCardwell, Anish Tamhaney
DI: Jamie Colburn, Maria Hart, Noah Pyzik, Olivia Stevers, Callista Brown, Lauran Frane
Duo: Applebey/Maurer, Lohitsa/Rushton, Kenum/Jaksen, Weber/Kindler, Curtiss/Figueroa, Poortenga/VanGessel
Multiple: Addams Family, In The Heights, Spelling Bee, Ghost, Carrie
Poetry: Levi Hambright, Owen Woityra, Brandon Burnett, Amir Franklin, Kathryn Linehan, Jori Gelbaugh
Prose: Hamilton Highhouse, Kaitlyn Ludeker, Tim Walsh, Imani Roberson, Michelle Phillips, Jonah Phelps
Storytelling: Sam Bloch, Maddie Chaffer, Jubilee Jackson, Hailey Jamann, Carrie Paveglio, Abby Seeber
Poetry 9/10: Elana Weberman, Cortney Chow, Habib Bello, Nora Hilgart-Griff, Robyn VanDyke, Isabella Metzner

Also, to keep things fresh this year and to stimulate some hopefully productive discussion, I'm posting explanations below. Keep in mind that I'm wishing everyone the best of luck this year, and although the comments are a little blunt and abbreviated, I mean nothing as a personal attack; everything is based on tracks records, and god knows how useless those really are when it comes to forensics.
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STATES PREDICTIONS (BCD) [20 Apr 2015|06:13pm]
Now that everybody's in- discuss!
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STATES PREDICTIONS (A) [20 Apr 2015|06:12pm]
Now that all regions have weighed in, take your picks for top contenders. Have fun!
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Regionals 6A [31 Mar 2015|07:46pm]
Have at it. Be nice.
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Regionals 7A [28 Mar 2015|11:17pm]
Go at it!
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Regionals 3A [28 Mar 2015|11:17pm]
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2015 States Predictions! (Class BCD) [27 Mar 2015|10:18pm]
Who's gonna win on the BCD side of things??? Argue it out right here.
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2015 States Predictions! (Class A) [27 Mar 2015|10:17pm]
Who's gonna take it all?? Discuss.
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MSCI Spring IE Festival (Novi HS) 03/28/15 - Novice State Finals, Open IE, Middle Level Tournaments [24 Mar 2015|08:46pm]

Here's your thread to discuss the big end-of-the-season gala at Novi HS brought to you by the fine folks at Michigan Speech Coaches Inc.

A good spot to ask questions about the upcoming event and for the eventual aftermath discussion.


40+ schools attending, over 525 students competing - it's going to be a blast!
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