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Michigan Forensics

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Let's Get Rollin' 2017 [04 Dec 2016|11:20pm]
A thread for all of your preseason comments! What events will be the most competitive? Any fair warnings as to who to look out for? I hope you all have a great season, kids :-) (Requested!)
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Early Bird Tournament 2k16 [23 Oct 2016|11:09am]
What an awesome tournament! What pieces stood out? Any crazy critiques? Awesome costumes???
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Mackinac Hotties List [22 May 2016|07:28pm]
such a large number of good looking people on such a small island, damn.
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MACKINAC HYPE [19 May 2016|12:04am]
It's the most wonderful time of the year!!
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Judges' Best/Worst Critiques [03 May 2016|09:25pm]
The 2015-2016 season has now ended, and we are left with dozens of critique sheets. Comment the best, worst, most interesting, weirdest, funniest, or craziest critiques you've received this year! (Requested)
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States 2016 [30 Apr 2016|11:12pm]
States has unfortunately come to a close and now we may officially gossip. How were placings? Who deserved to break that didn't? Spill!
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hotties thread (states 2k16) [30 Apr 2016|08:54pm]
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(Kinda) Live States Feed! [29 Apr 2016|05:05pm]
We are in the middle of what we've all been waiting for -- states! How are prelims going? Who will break semis/finals? Any cute forensicators? Leave your thoughts and comments!
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[Official] Class A States Predictions [26 Apr 2016|11:03am]
*With the highly anticipated wait for stats guy*

Lets get the ball moving with three days till states!
Make your own list of finalists for each category.
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Region 4 BCD [16 Apr 2016|09:15pm]
Here's this one too:)
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Regionals 8BCD [16 Apr 2016|08:18pm]
Questions? Comments? Facts? Tell all
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Regionals 7A [16 Apr 2016|08:03pm]
i assume ya'll want this one too lol
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Regionals 3A [16 Apr 2016|08:02pm]
Any shockers? Hot ppl? Improvements on pieces?

"Does God hide in fear too, of what he's created?"
- Spy Kids 2
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West Class A Regionals Predictions [31 Mar 2016|05:31am]
Top 6 in each category?
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Class A States Predictions [26 Mar 2016|01:37pm]
What's going to happen?
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BCD States Predictions [26 Mar 2016|01:33pm]
What do you think will happen?
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Regionals 6A [24 Mar 2016|11:13pm]
What'd you think? 
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west side hotties 2.0 [20 Mar 2016|08:13am]
bc there's a lot of hard people and you'd have to go to the second page on mobile.
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WoHo 2k16! [19 Mar 2016|06:58pm]
have at it, my children
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Walled Lake Western Invitational [19 Mar 2016|04:19pm]
It seems like this was the biggest tournament of the year! What a way to end the season before regionals and states! Leave your thoughts on today's tournaments!
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